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Listuguj Rangers

Listuguj Ranger program, which began in 1994, resulted from Listuguj community’s long fight to protect their fishing rights.  In the early 1990s, Listuguj developed its own law and management plan for fisheries.  The Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation Law on Fisheries and Fishing Fisheries Law, passed by the LMG in 1995, provides for a Listuguj Rangers Program.

The Listuguj Rangers are responsible for protecting the Restigouche River and its estuaries during the annual salmon fishing season, along with rock crab fishing initiatives and the seasonal lobster fishery season.  Specifically, the Rangers patrol the Restigouche River estuary, from the Macbeath Islands (bottleneck area of the river, west of Listuguj)  to Battery Point (Oak Bay area, east of Listuguj).  As well, other fishing zones patrolled by the Rangers include the waters around Miguasha and Carleton (Quebec).

From June until October, approximately forty rangers are employed under the Ranger Program.  The Rangers utilize three boats, a canoe, and two fully serviced trucks to carry out their duties.

Working with the Community of Listuguj

The Rangers are active and support many events and non-profit organizations in the community. In the summer, the Rangers donate salmon to the Annual Powwow and at events sponsored by Elders.  In the spring and fall, the Rangers distribute lobster to community members. The Rangers organize the Annual Trout Derby and they support the Annual BBQ at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School.  The Rangers help to instill a sense of pride in the community – Listuguj Mi’gmaq protecting Mi’gmaq territorial waters.

Services we provide

  •   Patrol of the Restigouche River estuary
  •   Fundraising campaigns
  •   Distribution of salmon and lobster to Listuguj community members


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