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Fire Department


In 1993, with a group of volunteers from Listuguj, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government established its own fire department.  Over the years, approximately twenty-one Listuguj men and women have trained as community firefighters.

The department is equipped with three vehicles to assist the community, which are a special rescue truck, and two firefighting vehicles (International and Typhoon models, which are both 1000 gallon capacity trucks).  The Typhoon model is equipped with a foam gun used to isolate and contain highly dangerous flames like chemical fires.

The Listuguj Fire Department has endured many challenges, over the years we have grown together as a strong family of firefighters.  The department prioritizes fire safety and awareness campaigns in the community by way of fund raising campaigns and through our spirit of volunteerism.

Services we provide

  •   Respond to emergency calls
  •   Chimney cleaning
  •   Grass fire control
  •   Fundraising campaigns
  •   Fire Safety promotion


We work with First Nations’ Firefighters associations.  In fact, Listuguj is at the forefront promoting and advocating for First Nations’ fire safety and prevention services.

  • In 2009, the Fire Department took a leadership role by starting the Aboriginal Firefighters Association in the Province of Québec. The department is vocal and takes an active role in the promotion of fire safety and prevention. This association assists Aboriginal community fire departments in receiving adequate resources and training.  The Listuguj Fire Department regularly participates in the annual provincial firefighting competitions.


Listuguj Police Department
3 Lnu Street
Emergency: (418) 788-2003
Office Phone: (418) 788-2334
Fax: (418) 788-2330

Listuguj Fire Department
17A Riverside West
Emergency: (418) 788-2003
Office Phone: (418) 788-2222