Public Security

Public Security has the responsibility of protecting the safety and security of community members in Listuguj.  The Directorate of Public Security has three departments, which are Listuguj Police Department, Listuguj Fire Department and Listuguj Rangers.

Public Security takes a proactive approach to address issues of public concern.  Educating community members is a priority.  Public Security gathers input from community members to determine causes, and equally as important, to find solutions to the different public safety and security issues in Listuguj.  Working together positive changes will be possible.

The Public Security Directorate, along with Listuguj Community Social Services, works with Listuguj Restorative Justice (LRJ).  LRJ is a community-based program that that offers alternative ways for individuals to work through and find peaceful resolution to conflict and harm.

Highlights about Public Security

  • Listuguj Ranger program began in 1994.  The Rangers Program resulted from Listuguj community’s long fight to protect their fishing rights.
  • In 2009, the Fire Department took a leadership role by starting the Aboriginal Firefighters Association in the Province of Quebec.
  • In 2011, the Listuguj Police Department successfully initiated a program in the community called D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

Director of Public Security



The Listuguj Police Department

The Listuguj Police Department (LPD) oversees all aspects of public safety with the enforcement of the Canadian Criminal Code of Canada, the Québec Highway Code, including the enforcement of Band by-laws within the community, and other statutes of the Indian Act.

The LPD’s pro-active approach to public safety allows the department to play a key and active role within the community.  In the area of community support, the LPD provides year round educational and awareness campaigns on a number of important safety issues. For example, the LPD actively works with the community at events such as:  Bus Safety, Halloween Safety, the Bike Rodeo, and the Safe Touch Program.

The department is active at the provincial and national levels, addressing the need for adequate resources and providing First Nations’ perspectives on policing issues.

Services we provide

  •   Respond to emergency calls
  •   Investigations
  •   Antidrug Campaigns
  •   Collaborate with LMG Directorates for  safety and security initiatives
  •   Canine Unit (Dog control)
  •   Safety inspection checks
  •   Ancillary services with surrounding  municipalities and Sûreté du Québec

Working with First Nations’ Policing Agencies

At the provincial and national level, the Listuguj Police Department advocates for the concerns and policing issues in Listuguj.  By working with other First Nation policing agencies, there is an opportunity to ensure that our First Nations’ perspectives on policing issues are heard.

  • We are an active Member of the Association of First Nations Chiefs of Police Québec (FNCPQ)
  • Active Member of the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association (FNCPA).  This national level association serves First Nations police services across Canada, developing professionalism in a manner that reflects the unique aspirations of First Nations. Click here to navigate to the FNCPA website.
  • Active Member of the Policing with Aboriginal Peoples Committee.  This is a Canadian Association that brings together major stakeholders from twelve agencies across the country (among others, includes First Nations police services, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Sûreté du Québec).  Listuguj represents Eastern Canada on this committee.



The Listuguj Police Department will provide policing services and carry out its policing duties with honesty and integrity to the Community of Listuguj.

  • The prime focus of the department will be protection of people and property, crime prevention, crime detection, apprehension of offenders and traffic safety.
  • The department will deliver a Community Based Policing Service and developing a cooperative relationship with the community will fulfil this.
  • The department will discharge its duties in a manner sensitive to and consistent with the needs, customs, culture, and rights of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq.
  • The achievement of the goals set out in this statement will be the undertaking of each and every member of the department.




Fire Department

In 1993, with a group of volunteers from Listuguj, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government established its own fire department.  Over the years, approximately twenty-one Listuguj men and women have trained as community firefighters.

The department is equipped with three vehicles to assist the community, which are a special rescue truck, and two firefighting vehicles (International and Typhoon models, which are both 1000 gallon capacity trucks).  The Typhoon model is equipped with a foam gun used to isolate and contain highly dangerous flames like chemical fires.

The Listuguj Fire Department has endured many challenges, over the years we have grown together as a strong family of firefighters.  The department prioritizes fire safety and awareness campaigns in the community by way of fund raising campaigns and through our spirit of volunteerism.

Services we provide

  •   Respond to emergency calls
  •   Chimney cleaning
  •   Grass fire control
  •   Fundraising campaigns
  •   Fire Safety promotion


We work with First Nations’ Firefighters associations.  In fact, Listuguj is at the forefront promoting and advocating for First Nations’ fire safety and prevention services.

  • In 2009, the Fire Department took a leadership role by starting the Aboriginal Firefighters Association in the Province of Québec. The department is vocal and takes an active role in the promotion of fire safety and prevention. This association assists Aboriginal community fire departments in receiving adequate resources and training.  The Listuguj Fire Department regularly participates in the annual provincial firefighting competitions.



Listuguj Rangers

Listuguj Ranger program, which began in 1994, resulted from Listuguj community’s long fight to protect their fishing rights.  In the early 1990s, Listuguj developed its own law and management plan for fisheries.  The Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation Law on Fisheries and Fishing Fisheries Law, passed by the LMG in 1995, provides for a Listuguj Rangers Program.

The Listuguj Rangers are responsible for protecting the Restigouche River and its estuaries during the annual salmon fishing season, along with rock crab fishing initiatives and the seasonal lobster fishery season.  Specifically, the Rangers patrol the Restigouche River estuary, from the Macbeath Islands (bottleneck area of the river, west of Listuguj)  to Battery Point (Oak Bay area, east of Listuguj).  As well, other fishing zones patrolled by the Rangers include the waters around Miguasha and Carleton (Quebec).

From June until October, approximately forty rangers are employed under the Ranger Program.  The Rangers utilize three boats, a canoe, and two fully serviced trucks to carry out their duties.

Working with the Community of Listuguj

The Rangers are active and support many events and non-profit organizations in the community. In the summer, the Rangers donate salmon to the Annual Powwow and at events sponsored by Elders.  In the spring and fall, the Rangers distribute lobster to community members. The Rangers organize the Annual Trout Derby and they support the Annual BBQ at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School.  The Rangers help to instill a sense of pride in the community – Listuguj Mi’gmaq protecting Mi’gmaq territorial waters.

Services we provide

  •   Patrol of the Restigouche River estuary
  •   Fundraising campaigns
  •   Distribution of salmon and lobster to Listuguj community members


Listuguj Police Department
3 Lnu Street
Emergency: (418) 788-2003
Office Phone: (418) 788-2334
Fax: (418) 788-2330

Listuguj Fire Department
17A Riverside West
Emergency: (418) 788-2003
Office Phone: (418) 788-2222