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Natural Resources Director Henry Mitchell

Director Henry Mitchell

The forests that surround Listuguj, including the streams, rivers, animals, trees, plants and medicines, are important to Listuguj community members.

As well, in out continued effort to advance our Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, the LMG advocates for meaningful consultation and accommodation by government regarding decisions that will impact those rights.

Forestry and logging are vital to the community of Listuguj – culturally, socially and economically. At the present time, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG) has agreements, with the Province of Quebec, to harvest softwood in areas north of Listuguj.  Listuguj has an annual harvest quota of approximately 10,000 cubic meters.   Our goals in forestry are to participate in forest management, to access forest resources, and to manage the forests in a sustainable manner.

Forestry operations contributes to the regional economy by supporting hundreds of jobs and suppliers.

The main activities in the LMG’s Forestry sector include:

  • Silviculture
  • Brush cutting
  • Harvesting (band and individual loggers).

Listuguj Forestry provides employment on a full time and seasonal basis to Listuguj Mi’gmaq community members.   Forestry offers training opportunities for Mi’gmaq community members who are interested in working in the forestry sector.

Henry Mitchell
Director of Natural Resources 


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Listuguj Forestry is working towards sustainable forest management practices:

  • Research, develop plans, and administer the programs connected with the management of forest harvesting
  • Plan and steer forest inventories and other studies
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreements and contracts for harvest and forest management
  • Ensure that we follow forest regulations and LMG objectives for its traditional territory
  • Analyze, develop, and study harvest programs; as well as make recommendations to Chief and Council about the management of the forests
  • Plan and lead educational and public relations programs

Interested in where Listuguj manages and harvests wood?  Click here to download a map of Listuguj’s Forest Management Area.


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