Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Our ancestors never gave up our rights to the territory. Because they never gave up, today we are able to access, manage and use our resources for the collective benefit of our community.

For generations, we have used the resources from the land and waters to sustain our way of life, culturally and economically. As Mi’gmaq, we have long relied upon the resources from our territory, the fish, animals, plants, trees, and medicines.

Our ways of managing, using and taking care of our territory, however, were disrupted and changed with the arrival of Europeans to our land. For many years, our rights to our territory were denied. However, we continued to use our resources to support the wellbeing of our families; we hunted, fished, gathered medicines, firewood, and timber for cultural, as well as for economic purposes.

Today, the Natural Resource Directorate is comprised of two main sectors, Fisheries and Forestry. The objectives for the Natural Resources Directorate are to access, use and manage the resources from our territory, land and water, in a sustainable, viable and culturally relevant manner. The profits generated from Natural Resources’ operations help support Listuguj’s unfunded programs and provide enhanced service.

Commercial Operations

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government operates several commercial operations. These operations help to support Listuguj’s unfunded programs and provide enhanced service. We have three major commercial operations, which are LMG Chipper Operations, Commercial Fisheries, and Forestry. These operations employ many Listuguj Mi’gmaq on a full and part-time basis. As well, these businesses contribute to the regional economy by supporting hundreds of jobs and suppliers.

LMG’s Finance Directorate supports LMG’s commercial operations by providing financial reporting and financial advice to these operations. In addition, Finance assists in risk management analysis, thus helping to balance the economic, social and cultural aspects of these operations.

LMG Chipper Operation

In May of 2009 the LMG successfully completed its first five-year chipping contract at Av Cell in Atholville, NB. The LMG Chipper is an integral part of the Av Cell Group’s regional operation. Av Cell is part of the Av Group, which runs the Av Nackawic and Av Cell Atholville dissolving pulp mills in New Brunswick and the Av Group is a subsidiary of the Aditya Bira Group based in India.

The LMG has secured an extension of the contract for a further five-year period. The renewed agreement provides a five year multi-million dollar contract to the LMG. This new contract will allow the LMG to upgrade the Chipper and double its output capacity.

In total we have invested $1.6 million in capital improvements towards the chipper, de-barker, loading deck and equipment. The LMG received a capital grant from the Secretariat aux Affaires Autochtonnes (SAA) department of the Quebec Government and financed the balance.

Commercial Fisheries

LMG has a viable commercial fishery operation, which supports our local economy and contributes to the cultural and social well being of our community.


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LMG is actively engaged in the commercial forestry sector. Our forestry operation provides employment opportunities, in Listuguj and in our region to LMG directly and to the independent loggers.

In addition to harvesting wood, is also working in developing the forest. This is done by 2 methods. The first is planting areas that have been logged and where commercial trees are not growing. The second is brush cutting where we space young commercial trees (10-15 years old) allowing the remaining trees to grow faster and of better quality. The LMG provided some firewood to the community.


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