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Mi’gmaw Language


The Listuguj Education Directorate supports many language initiatives and projects to promote, protect, and preserve our Mi’gmaw language.

Currently, we are focusing on the following areas: Mi’gmaq core language programs, Mi’gmaq immersion programs, Tlisultinej (Language Focus Group), and early age language programs (at Head Start and Mawol’tijig Mi’ju’ajijg Day Care Center).

We work with the very young and also with Elders and fluent language speakers to promote, protect and preserve our Mi’gmaw language.  By fostering opportunities for elders and youth to connect, our language will flourish.

Joe Wilmot
Mi’gmaq Resource Coordinator

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Language Programs


Listuguj Accelerated Second Language Program

The Listuguj Accelerated Second Language program is offered at the Sugarloaf Senior High School. This program is primarily oral, and uses pictures to reinforce second language acquisition

Mi’gmaq Core Language Programs

The Listuguj Education Directorate developed a Mi’gmaq Core Language Program that is being delivered to students from Nursery to Grade 8 at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School.  The LED staff members also develop resource materials for the Mi’gmaw language programs.

Mi’gmaq Immersion Programs

In the 2001-2002, the Mi’gmaq Kindergarten Immersion Program was introduced at AGS.  At the present time, Mi’gmaq Immersion is offered at the primary level, Nursery – Grade 3.



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