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Student Services

Learning is a life-long experience!  Student Services provides opportunities for students at AGS to explore leadership and learning opportunities that are centered in community giving and volunteerism.  Listed here are Student Services available at the school.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program targets the high academic students and provides and alternative type of learning.  Through this program the students learn more about the community, and also have the opportunity to participate in traditional activities such as smelt-fishing, snaring and mingling with elders by preparing meals with them or listening to their stories.

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program targets students who require an incentive to participate in a positive manner within the school setting.  This group includes activities such as: Greeters, Information Board Up-keeper, Receptionist, and Manual Helpers.  Students are assigned to each of the activities and each is responsible for taking part in a reliable and positive manner.  Students that participate become role models for others and they take pride in their work.

Peacekeepers (Recess Supervisors) Program

The students in the Peacekeepers Program assist teachers who are on duty during recess activities.  The students help to ensure the safety of all students whether indoors or on the playground.  As well, students may help out when large activities are planned within the school.  The students are proud to wear the official Peacekeeper jacket that was provided to the program from the Listuguj Police Department.

Smoking Cessation Research Group

With assistance from Campbellton Addiction Services, students from Grade 7 and 8 classes research traditional tobacco use, as well as the dangers of current tobacco smoking.  Students compile their research and present their findings, using multi-media tools, to the grades three to eight students and staff members.  The goal for this group is to provide educational information that will promote a healthy smoke-free lifestyle.

Tutoring Program

In the Tutoring Program, students from Grade 5 to 8 volunteer their time to assist other students in their academics. Tutors are assigned a student to work with during the guided study period.  These peer helpers are keen to help their partners.

Walking Group

This group promotes physical activities during the student’s lunch recess break.  The group consists of students from Grade 5 to 8.  Participation in this group is voluntary.  Students walk twice a week, rain or shine.