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School Programs

Diverse and innovative programs at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School help us to achieve the Listuguj Education Directorate’s Vision:  “Healthy-minded informed young people proud of their unique NNU identity.  Listed here are school programs that are available at AGS.”

Learning Assessments

Learning assessments are conducted at Alaqsite’w Gitpu School, including:  Canadian Achievement Test 4 (Grades 1-8), Teddy Bear Picnic for K4 and K5, and Provincial and District Assessments for Grades 2-8.

First Nations Students Success Program

The First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) is an initiative that supports First Nation schools in their ongoing efforts to respond to their students’ needs and improve student and school results.  The FNSSP provides funding to develop and implement three interconnected components: School Success Plans, Student Learning Assessments and Performance Measurement.

K4 Initiative

The ‘K4 Initiative’ is one that places children first.  This initiative can help prepare parents, schools and communities to ensure a more positive transition from home to school. Through the K4 initiative children can be assessed at an early age (ideally age 3-6) to determine their readiness for school.  Knowing our students’ needs, we can develop appropriate teaching strategies.

Language Program

At AGS, our goal is to increase Mi’gmaq language literacy and fluency.  We offer Mi’gmaq (partial) academic stream.  As well, Mi’gmaq core language classes are available to students at all grade levels.  

Over the years, the dedicated staff members of the Listuguj Education Directorate have developed resources, innovative teaching methods, and resources materials to strengthen and enhance learning in Mi’gmaq.

Mi’gmaq Immersion (Nursery to Grade 2)
Mi’gmaq core language

Mi’gmaq Culture Program

The Mi’gmaq Culture Program is taught to students from nursery to grade 8.  The program is taught through a hands-on method where the student is shown how to construct pre-contact materials used by their Mi’gmaq ancestors.  During this time, students are instructed in Mi’gmaq culture and history; students learn how materials were constructed and why they were constructed in a particular way.

Partners 21

AGS is one of six First Nations schools from across Canada participating in Microsoft’s First Nations 21st Century Digital Learning Village Network Project.  The goal for this project is “to help the participating communities to position themselves as 21st Century digital learning villages.”  In practical terms, the teachers and students at AGS will have an opportunity to use and learn from digital tools and resources.

Through this initiative, students will be encouraged to learn how to access and create knowledge; network and work collaboratively; and connect ‘digitally’ with both local and global communities.  Equally important, the ‘Partners 21’ Project will be adapted to meet the priorities and needs identified for AGS, which are language and culture, attracting and retaining teachers, technical support, and employment.

Special Education

The Listuguj Education Directorate accepts all of our Mi’gmaq children regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, linguistic or other needs. Services to Special Needs students are based on an intervention approach. These services can be direct (for example, instructional assistance in the classroom) or indirect (development of teaching resources used in the classroom).