Listuguj Education Directorate

Listuguj Education Directorate

The staff of the Listuguj Education Directorate work in the best interest of Listuguj students. From the time students enter nursery until the completion of their studies at the post-secondary level, this Directorate will support your educational journey. Programs and services we administer, include: Alaqsite’w Gitpu School, the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, Mi’gmaw language & culture programs, transportation, and ancillary (support) services and programs.

Currently, the LED assists over 500 students – children, youth and adult learners. As a Directorate, we continue to grow and learn from our experiences.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Director of Listuguj Education


About Us

Mission – Preparing capable, confident and fulfilled students.

Vision – Healthy-minded informed young people proud of their unique NNU identity.

About Us

The Listuguj Education Directorate was established in December of 1992. When the Directorate was formed the main goal was to build and operate a school in Listuguj. A school in the community would ensure that Mi’gmaw language and culture was woven into all aspects of our students’ education.

In September of 1993, nursery and kindergarten students were among the first to be relocated to Listuguj. Four years later, in 1997, Alaqsite’w Gitpu School opened.

Working Together

The Listuguj Education Directorate works with the Listuguj Education Advisory Board,

The Listuguj Education Advisory Board was established on May 14, 2005. The Board consists of one Elder, six parents and three community members.
The Board’s mandate is as follows: set a clear direction (mission, goals, plans); ensure that we have an effective organizational structure; ensure that we have adequate resources and equipment; and ensure that we are accountable to the community.
We also work with the First Nations Education Council,

The First Nations Education Council (FNEC) is an association of all First Nations of Quebec. The Council is held together by the common vision of providing quality education for all First Nations.
The FNEC coordinates programs for all twenty-two of its member communities, Listuguj being one of these communities.
The programs supported by FNEC include: Special Education, New Paths to Education, Parental Involvement Program, Professional Development, Language Initiatives Program, First Nation Student Success Program and Youth Programs.


The Mi’gmaq values of sharing and dignity are rooted in inherent beliefs, principals and values of our people. In the belief that all our people are unique, we recognize and celebrate the embracement of our language and culture into our way of life and into all aspects of life. This is reflected and is integrated in a positive expectancy, self-actualization and self-respect.

Educational Objective

It is the express purpose of the Listuguj community to provide for our students an education, which fully enhances an effective learning environment of emotional, cultural, physical, and intellectual development. This environment reflects Mi’gmaq beliefs and efforts at encouraging the responsibility of the people directing themselves to their full potential, and a love of learning.


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