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Restorative Justice



Following the steps and teachings of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Listuguj Restorative Justice program assists in the restoration of harmony and peaceful relations in our community. With an emphasis on Mi’gmaq cultural values and teachings, we offer alternative ways to resolve conflict.

In the Restorative Justice approach, we encourage and foster dialogue between those harmed and those who have caused the harm.  Helping to resolve conflict by way of Mi’gmaq cultural practices will result in higher rates of satisfaction, increased responsibility and ultimately reduced recidivism (the person will be less likely to harm again).

A volunteer committee, comprised of Listuguj community members, assists individuals to resolve conflict in a manner that respects the needs and concerns of all involved parties.

The Restorative Justice process is distinct from the criminal justice system, which deals with an offence and primarily focuses on how the punishment is imposed on the offender.  In the criminal justice system, there is a lack of attention on the victim who has been harmed and left out of the process.  In other words, the balance has been broken. Restorative Justice, however, is about having a justice system that restores relations, addressing the good of the collective.

If individuals or community service providers would like more information about the Listuguj Restorative Justice program, we encourage you to contact or visit our office.

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About Us

In 2005, the Listuguj Restorative Justice (LRJ) program was established in Listuguj.  We believe that together we can walk through difficult situations in a respectful and peaceful way. The LRJ is here to support healing and growth for children, youth and adults of Listuguj.

Youth Protection Agreement, signed on September 22, 2011

On September 22, 2011 an agreement was signed by representatives of Listuguj Restorative Justice, Public Security and Listuguj Community Social Services.  The goal is to assist individuals to take responsibility for their behaviour and to address the harm that they have committed. 

Our Mission

The Mission of the Listuguj Restorative Justice (LRJ) program, through the support of volunteer members of the justice committee, is to assist in promoting harmony and peaceful relationships in a caring and confidential manner.

  • The LRJ engages in solution-focused approaches that embrace holistic practices, which value community healing.
  • The LRJ endeavors to provide services to assist those requesting support (the schools, police, social services, and community members, for example).

Our Services

The goal for the Listuguj Restorative Justice program is to assist in restoring harmony and peaceful relations in the community of Listuguj.   Here are a few of the services that we offer:

  • Restorative Healing Circles – Keeping the safety of all individuals in mind, Restorative Healing Circles enable participating members to gain an understanding about the importance of forgiveness and accountability, which is consistent with individual and community healing.
  • Education & Training – We provide training about restorative justice methods.
  • Conflict Mediation – We provide conflict mediation for individuals, organizations, and service providers of Listuguj.
  • Crime Prevention Activities
  • Case Referrals


17 Riverside Drive West
Phone: (418) 788-2136
Fax: (418) 788- 2058