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Home Support Services

At Families First, we provide Home Support services for children, youth and families. As well, as needed, Home Support workers may connect families with other community support resources.  Individuals may access support services on a voluntary basis.  However, Home Support services requires that parents/guardians be open to intervention services.

Home Support workers will help individuals, and families, to address issues including, but not limited to: Divorce and separation, blended families, discipline, support for all family members, conflict resolution between parents and children, behavioral management strategies, parenting skills for all age groups, anger management skills, communication skills, counseling, grief and loss issues.

What you can expect at Families First:  

In a comfortable and safe setting, and with your consent, an Intake Worker will begin the interview process.  At this time, you will have a candid discussion to identify issues that you are facing.  Then, with your cooperation, the team at Family Support will design and implement a home support plan for either yourself or your family.

Working through issues can be difficult and challenging.  However, participating in a healing process can be rewarding and will strengthen individuals, families, and our community as a whole.