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Families First

WelcomeThere are times in our lives when we need comfort and guidance.  You don’t have to face difficult situations alone, however. Our team at Families First Support Services can be a valuable source of guidance, nurturance and support for you.

As a First Nations’ community, we have a shared history.  Historically, too many of our children were removed from our families and our community.

Families First Support Services is a prevention-based service established in response to the overwhelming over representation of First Nations children in care.

Although life can be difficult and presents obstacles, we as a People are resilient and capable of overcoming difficulties in our lives.  Collectively we have gifts that we can all offer.  We will make a difference in the lives of those who seek out support. 

Call us, or visit our office, we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Tanya Barnaby



About Us

In 2010, a pilot project started in Listuguj to address the need for community-based prevention services.  This initiative created Families First Support Services;  in January of 2011, we began operating out of Listuguj.


We are committed to nurturing culturally relevant services that enhance the lives of children, family, community and future generations.  Thereby emphasizing and respecting ones right to determine their lives for a healthier and successful tomorrow.


Families First Support Services strives toward investing in comprehensive and innovative prevention services that ultimately minimize family crisis while reducing the overall number of children in care.  We promote healthy lifestyles, safety of children and empowerment programming based on culturally relevant practices that are driven for the people, by the people.


  • Promote & support the development and implementation of least disruptive measures and preventative services for the well-being of children and their families.
  • Promote & support that children and their families receive preventative services that meet their cultural needs.
  • Prevent & reduce the incidence of crisis situations, child reporting and placement rates.
  • Prevent & reduce the number and duration of child placements outside of the community.


 What is G.E.M.S or Girls Empowerment Mentorship Strengths?

G.E.M.S is an all girl group dedicated and designed to give opportunity to our young ladies in the community. G.E.M.S is a safe place where we try to have fun while helping the girls develop and find their strengths. We introduce the world to the girls in a youth context as well as offer traditional teachings. At G.E.M.S we are open minded to the need of the girls.

Why Join?

Becoming a young adult can be difficult at times. Pre-teens and teens are a time in life when females encounter many changes. G.E.M.S offers guidance, role modeling and support to the ladies. Our goal is to empower their young minds.

When joining G.E.M.S  you can expect to participate with any Listuguj young lady primarily between the ages of 10-14; young ladies seeking guidance and support.

The girls can expect to:

  • Having fun while learning
  • Support within the group
  • Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Developing friendships
  • Discovering yourself
  • A safe place to be able to talk about anything
  • No judgments
  • Confidential
  • Girl issue discussions
  • Several different topics
  • Open minded
  • Develop trust within oneself and others
  • Acceptance

G.E.M.S is usually held at the Families First Support Services office above the woodpile (32 Gaspé Highway). We follow the scholastic calendar so if school is cancelled we cancel as well. G.E.M.S is held once a week after school and the girls are transported here straight from school with the school buses. Other arrangements can be made.

At times the girls will be invited to participate in out of scheduled activities such as sleepovers, fundraisers, trips, outdoor activities etc. Parents will at all times be informed.

For more information please contact Families First Support Services at 418-788-2010

“We look forward to working and having fun with you young ladies” – Families First Support Services