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Youth Protection

As parents, you have the primary responsibility for ensuring your child’s protection.  A Youth Protection worker, however, will intervene in situations where a child’s security or development is compromised. A “child” designates a person under the age of 18. In situations where intervention is necessary, we, at Child and Family Services, are responsible for applying the Youth Protection Act.

What steps are followed when Youth Protection intervenes?

  1. Receive and process a report;
  2. Evaluate the situation;
  3. Choose protective measures (either voluntary or court referred);
  4. Implement protective measures;
  5. Review the situation;
  6. End the intervention;
  7. Refer individual to other resources in the community (i.e., Programs and services available through Community Services, Families First Support Service, or Restorative Justice)

It is important to encourage your child to take part in decisions.  Our aim is to keep your child in his or her family environment – keeping your child’s needs at the center of all decision making.

For further information, or if your child’s situation has been reported to the Department of Youth Protection, what do you need to know now?  To find out more about the Youth Protection Act, when and how to file a report, visit Quebec’s Sante et Services Sociaux, click here.