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Young Offenders / Regular Services

The Young Offenders program was established to support, aid and counsel youth who find themselves in trouble with the law.

In our work, we are guided by the Principles of the Young Offenders Act, which are as follows:

  • It holds the youth responsible for breaking the law;
  • The youth faces supportive, yet significant consequences for his or her crime committed;
  • The youth aged between 12 and 17 years receives legal rights;
  • The society is protected through the provisions of positive solutions to youth offenders that are long-term and helpful;
  • It supports a separate justice system to young offenders and that they alone are accountable for their crimes;
  • The Act encourages the system to react quickly when a youth breaks the law; and;
  • It also encourages victims, family and community to be involved when a youth has committed a crime.

Child and Families Services will support and counsel young offenders. Specifically, a Young Offenders delegate will examine a person’s case, interview the client, as well as prepare evaluations and reports.  We can provide appropriate assistance or take intervention measures, as required, to assist the individual.  For information about Justice Quebec’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, click here.

As part of ‘Regular Services,’ our support workers will develop and implement counseling and intervention programs to assist clients in determining and obtaining their goals.  In this support work, we work collaboratively with other service providers.  As well, we encourage youth to participate in healing and restoration processes to reduce the need for intervention.