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Child and Family Services


In our community, there are at times challenging and difficult situations.  However, at Child and Family Services we focus on building healthy families.  Our staff members work to protect children – intervening when necessary and keeping the safety of children and youth (under the age of 18) in mind at all times.  We make every effort to keep children with their extended families and in our community.

Our team assists and supports families who are in need of protection and support services.  We receive reports about children who may need protection; we assess the situation and decide how to protect children.

We promote wellness at different events in the community; for example, Father’s Day activities, National Child’s Day celebrations, Listuguj’s Annual Wellness Fair, and Santa Wejguwet.

We encourage all parents and guardians to take part in decisions concerning your child.  If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call or visit our office.

Mary Bradstreet



About Us

We work to protect children, intervening when necessary.  Our goal is to keep children with their extended families, and in our community.


Is playing an active role in building a healthy community; encompassing our Mi’gmaq traditions, values and beliefs. Our objective is to promote community based services involving children and extended family members.


Is to provide protection and support by enhancing quality of life in strengthening our Mi’gmaq families.


  • We recognize that are families are unique and that we will continue to embrace a holistic approach to service delivery
  • In the spirit of “It takes a community to raise a Child’ our children will grow up in their communities understanding their culture and language focusing on their Mi’gmaq identity.
  • We will continue to strive at meeting the needs of our families with utmost dignity, ensuring privacy respect and confidentiality.