Capital and Infrastructure

Capital and Infrastructure

The Capital and Infrastructure Directorate is responsible for four key areas:

  • Planning, managing and administering housing programs;
  • Building and maintaining sound community infrastructure systems;
  • Implementing and managing all public works activities;
  • Management of all community based assets.

There are more than 800 households and public buildings in Listuguj and there are approximately 5 km of paved roads and 6 km of gravel roads. Listuguj has above average, fresh water quality.  The LMG maintains both Provincial and Federal Environmental Guidelines with respect to wastewater systems and solid waste management.

As a Directorate, we must maintain standards that are set out in LMG policies.  Within our financial resources, we have to construct quality homes, maintain infrastructure and public works, while constructing and maintaining community roads,” Jody Mitchell

In the delivery of this Directorate’s programs and services, we strive for professionalism to adequately meet the needs of all community members.

All comments, inquiries and concerns regarding capital, housing, infrastructure and public works should be directed to our office.

Jody Mitchell
Director of Capital and Infrastructure

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This Directorate manages Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government’s assets, which includes a fleet of vehicles, all community owned buildings, forestry equipment, commercial fishing vessels, and ranger boats.

Our principle activities are as follows:

  • Reporting the condition of the assets to Aboriginal and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
  • Insuring all assets
  • Procurement of inspections
  • Regular repairs and maintenance

Operating and Maintenance monies for all community owned assets (with the exception of commercial vehicles), is obtained from AANDC based on its fixed budget formula. For information about AANDC Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program, click here.


Capital & Infrastructure administers programs for the maintenance and construction of residential homes in Listuguj.  There are three main housing programs, including:

  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (better known as RRAP)
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (section 95 subsidized rentals)
  • Individual Ministerial Guarantees

In 2011, LMG initiated a pilot program for a new “one time” Agreement to construct ten new homes.  This housing initiative included selection criteria and repayment conditions for the ten units.

A new policy agreement on Lease-to-Own Housing is being developed by the Directorate and will be available soon.  The LMG also administers a Minor Repairs Program, which has strict administrative discretion because there is no specific allocation for such repairs.  To learn more about Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s First Nations Housing programs, click here.


As part of LMG’s infrastructure program, this Directorate is responsible for road maintenance and construction, subdivisions, fresh water, waste water (lagoon) and septic systems, storm drains and community light standards.  The lagoon is operated in partnership with Pointe a la Croix under Listuguj Public Works Corporation.  The majority of our maintenance and construction work takes place during the spring, summer and fall.

In addition to overseeing the regular infrastructure work, the Director drafts proposals for special initiatives related to infrastructure. For information about Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s Infrastructure and Housing programs and services, click here.

Public Works

Public Works is an integral part of the day-to-day functioning of our community.  Public Works is responsible for snow removal from all public areas and roads; solid waste management, including residential, commercial and recycling; street sweeping and grass cutting. LMG has a partnership with Group Bouffard for its recycling program.  Click here to visit Group Bouffard on the web.

• Its located on the left of Qospem Road after the tracks.. (it has no civic #)
• Its been in operation since 2009 and open to the public to deliver their residential and construction debris.
• There is a designated site for the different debris ie; tires, appliances, organic, household waste, chemical waste (paint) etc….
• The operating hours are Monday to Friday 8 to 5 (excluding Lunch)

This is a monitored site.

And curb side pick up is done every Thursday From 8am to 5pm.


44 Dundee Road
Phone: (418) 788-3022
Fax: (418) 788-3050
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