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Aboriginal & Treaty Rights

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights within a Self-determining and Autonomous Framework   

“We, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government (LMG), strongly believe in our culture, history and traditions, our Aboriginal and Treaty rights, and most of all, our People,” LMG Vision Statement.

As a governmental body of Listuguj, we are working to advance the Aboriginal and treaty rights of our People within Canada’s legal context; meaning keeping Canada honest, consistent, and forthcoming in their relations with Listuguj.

As Mi’gmaq, we have inherent rights to self-determination and sovereignty over our land, waters, and resources within the territory of Gespe’gewa’gi.  These rights are supported by our own cultural identity and history, along with the United Nations declaration on human rights and the UN adoption of the Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  To view the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, click here.

Canada’s Obligation

Canada has a duty to consult and accommodate Aboriginal peoples when contemplating decisions about the use of resources on our territory where there is a known or potential Aboriginal claim.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in Haida and Taku cases (2004) that in good faith, Aboriginal peoples must be consulted and accommodated about any decisions or actions that may impact upon their rights.

Mi’gmaq Self-determination and Autonomy

The Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government is working towards instituting a modern democratic system of governing based on the historical and cultural identity of Listuguj.

This means meeting and asking the people of Listuguj what is their vision of how we can govern ourselves as a collective, and asking the people what are their political and economic objectives for the community.

We have many options, from staying within the Indian Act to evolving over time to a self-governing community, with many possibilities in between.  The people of Listuguj have to state their intentions and preferences.


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