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Special Initiatives

Gignu II
Youth Re-Adaptation Centre

With a view to responding to the needs of our youth who are in need of re-adaptation services, the LMG and the Centre du Jeunesse, Gaspesie are working jointly towards the construction of a new re-adaptation centre.  The present Gignu was formerly classified as a Group Home but has recently been upgraded to a Re-Adaptation Centre. The overall goal of re-adaptation services is to reintegrate the youth back in their own families and homes. The overall goal of re-adaptation services is to reintegrate the youth back in their own families and home.

Architectural plans are being procured by the Centre du Jeunesse which is the Agency responsible for the construction of the new centre.  The LMG has set aside 1 hectare of land in a more appropriate and central location.  Construction of the new centre should occur in the new fiscal year should all the new project requirements be achieved in the interim.

Listuguj Continuing Care, Inc.
Waqatasg Elders Home

For the past 24 months, the LMG has made significant progress in the development of the Waqatasg Elders Home (WEH).  Early investigation into this project determined that there was not an abundance of readily available information to consider.  With a small team in place and a Steering Committee backing it, significant information was uncovered from a number of sources which provided the LMG with a greater appreciation of the complexity of the project.

At public meetings in 2010 and 2011, power point presentations were made regarding the project.  Presently there are new architectural renderings being considered as well as the overall cost of the proposed project.  Projections place the construction of this facility at just under $5.0 Million.  Investigation into the sources of funds for the construction program are ongoing, however, it is clear the challenges to fund this project by the Province of Quebec and the Federal Government will continue to be the priority of Chief and Council. The LMG has passed an Order in Council granting authority to the Steering Committee to begin a fund raising campaign to be launched early in 2012.

From an operational standpoint, it has been realized that the cost of operating one bed at these types of facilities is, on average, $180 daily.  Residents are required to pay roughly $25 per day for long-term care and roughly $17 per day for residential care.  Long-term care represents Care Levels of 3 and 4 while residential care represents Care Levels of 1 and 2.  It is the goal of the LMG to construct this project by 2012 and be operational by 2013.

Mission II – Additions to Reserve
St. Anne’s Church

In 2010, a Steering Committee was formed to investigate the possibility of assuming control over the St. Anne’s Church, its property and the cemetery.  The investigation is being done to determine recommendations to Chief, Council and Community Members for the possibility of adding this property to the reserve.  The Additions to Reserve Project for the St. Anne’s Church and Cemetery is known as Mission II or MII.

At present there is an ongoing Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) being done to aid in establishing if there are any environmental concerns with the building.  Such concerns could be ancient oil spills, contamination from lead, accumulation of mould, and other such concerns.  This process is mandatory as the Steering Committee may be recommending that the property be transferred directly to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) as an Additions to Reserve Project.  The land therefore has to be deemed clean and containing no environmental issues.  Following the completion of the ESA, a structural engineering study will need to be completed.  A draft financial plan will also be presented with the final recommendations.

The St. Annne’s Church in Listuguj remains as the only church in the Gaspesie which has not been transferred to the local community.  All other churches have effectively been transferred out of the Diocese.  The Diocese is willing to surrender the church and property to the LMG for one dollar ($1.00).  The Diocese would maintain control over the pastoral services and the pastoral agent and they would cover the costs for the same.  The overall objective of the LMG would be to maintain church services and keep the church as a Consecrated Church.


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