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Click on the lists below to view the LMG staff, listed in alphabetical order. If you would like the contact information for any of the LMG Directorates, click here and you will navigate to the LMG Directory.

Chief and Council

Chief Darcy Gray

Alcon, Lloyd • Councillor

Barnaby, Annette  • Councillor

Barnaby, Calvin  • Councillor

Isaac, Gordon Jr  • Councillor

Martin, Cathy  • Councillor

Metallic, Sky • Councillor

Metallic, Wendell  • Councillor

Methot, Kevin  • Councillor

Lorna, Sook • Councillor

Swasson Sheila  • Councillor

Vicaire, John Murvin  • Councillor

Wysote, Chris  • Councillor


Paul Stanley • Chief Executive Officer

Barnaby, Tina • Executive Administrative Assistant

Brisk, Vance • Human Resources Manager

Clement, Gino • Lands, Estates & Membership

Fitzgerald, Bruce • IT Technician

Isaac, Michael • Communications Officer

Molley, Lisa  • Receptionist

Ritchie, Nora • Section 95 Administrative Assistant


Capital and Infrastructure

 Jody Mitchell • Director

Condo, Ricky • Equipment Operator/Sanitation

Cormier, Roger • Technical Advisor

Isaac, Chris • Wastewater Plant Operator

Isaac, Joshua • Senior Maintenance Supervisor

Jacques, Alva • Admin Janitor

Martin, Dean • Construction Housing Coordinator

Metallic, John • Heavy Equipment Operator

Methot, Kevin • Assistant to Maintenance Supervisor

Vicaire, Robert • Fresh Water Plant Operator/ Tech Support

Vicaire, Rose • Assistant Director of Capital & Infrastructure


John Alexander CPA, CA • Director of Finance

Clement, Kathy • Purchase Order Clerk

Jacques, Clyde • General Accountant

Jacques, Marcy • Assistant Financial Clerk

Martin, Connie – CAFM • Senior Accountant

McGraw, Daniel CPA, CA • Business Analyst

Mitchell, Bruce • Data Entry Clerk

Vicaire, Frederic – BBA • Financial Analyst (On Leave)

Wysote, Brad • Accounts Receivable

Wysote, Charlene • Payroll Clerk

Listuguj Community Health Services

Donna Metallic, B.Ed • Director of Listuguj Community Health Services

Cindy Isaac• Assistant Director of Listuguj Community Health Services


Barnaby, Audrey • Administrative Assistant

Isaac, Bridget • Custodian

LaBillois, Colleen • Accreditation Consultant/Policy Development

Martin, Beverly A. • Receptionist

Community Prevention Program

Barnaby, Monica • Community Health Representative

Barnaby, Sommer • Community Wellness Coordinator

Condo, Roxanne  • Home Support visitor (MCH)

Gray, Patricia • Community Health Representative

Jacques, Valerie • Head Start Educator

Martin, Stacey • Head Start Educator

Martin, Tina • Head Start Coordinator

Metallic, Wanda • Brighter Futures Coordinator

Mental Health Program

Metallic, Corey • Listuguj Crisis & Life Promotion Coordinator

Metallic, Elizabeth • Hospital Liaison Officer

Community Health

Campbell, Mallory  • Dietitian

Caplin, Jennifer • R.N., Community Nurse

Clement, Robin • L.P.N., Home Care Nurse

Dedam, Debbie • Medical Records Clerk

Deschene, Eva • R.N., Community Nurse

Gedeon, Francoise • R.N., Community Nurse

Isaac, Bonnie • Medical Transportation Coordinator

Isaac, Dolores • L.P.N., Home Care Nurse

LaBillois, Lynn • R.N., Nurse Supervisor

LaBillois, Mary Lou • B.N./R.N., Home Care Nurse

LaBillois, Misty • L.P.N., Community Nurse

Pitre, Maryse  • Occupational Therapist

Metallic, Roger • Water Monitor Technician

Mitchell, Donnie • Medical Transportation Driver

Swasson, Leila • R.N., Hospital Nurse Liaison

Wysote, Dennis • Medical Transportation Driver

Wysote, Lori Lynn • L.P.N., Home Care Nurse

Wysote, Trina • Medical Transportation Driver

Home and Community Care Program

Barthe, Dianna • Certified Personal Care Worker

Brisk, Pauline • Certified Personal Care Worker

Clement, Isabelle • Home Care Intake Worker

Doiron, Tasha • Data Base Clerk/Finance

Gedeon, Amy • Certified Personal Care Worker

Isaac-Clement, Raven • Personal Care Worker

Leavitt, Kiley • Personal Care Worker

Martin, Bernice • Certified Personal Care Worker

Martin, Theresa • Certified Personal Care Worker

Menard, Martha • Certified Personal Care Worker

Mitchell, Maureen • HCCP Supervisor

Moffat, Ann • Meals on Wheels Cook

Real, Raymond, BSW • HCCP Social Worker

Wilmot, Delphine • Certified Personal Care Worker

Wysote, Carley • Personal Care Worker

Wysote, Greta • Personal Care Worker

Listuguj Community Social Services

Child and Family Services

Mary Bradstreet • Director

Caplin, Tina • Administrative Assistant

Condo, Karina
 • External Educator

Dedam, April • 
Foster Care Coordinator/Family Support Worker

Isaac, Sandra • Assistant Manager

Isaac, Tanya Sam • Youth Protection Delegate

Mitchell, Sara
 • Young Offenders/Family Support Worker

Morrison, Tracy • Family Enhancement Worker

St. Laurent, Natalie
 • Supervisor of Youth Protection

Social Assistance

Bulmer, Sandy
 • Intake Worker Social Assistance

Jacques, Denise • 
Finance Officer

Metallic, Ranay • Administrative Assistant

Community Services

Sheila Swasson • 

Barnaby, Derek • Culture and Family Support Program

Barnaby , Wallace (Brennie)
 • Interum Recreation and Participation

Haven House

Martin, Blanche
 • Resident Counsellor, Haven House

Vicaire, Carmel 
• Resident Counsellor, Haven House

Youth And Family Center

Barnaby, Jesse  • Youth Care Worker

Pictou, Douglas • Youth Worker

Ritchie, Tierra
 • Coordinator, Youth and Family Center

Wysote-Mitchell, Felicia
 • Youth Care Worker, Youth and Family Center

Families First Support Services

Tanya Barnaby • 

Barnaby, Alexandra • Home Support Worker

Barnaby-Vicaire, Samantha • Home Support Worker

Condo, Roxanne • Maternal & Child Health Support Worker

Condo, Tina • Home Support Worker

Isaac-Metallic, Sarah
 • Intake Worker

Metallic, Christine
 • Community and Cultural Support Coordinator

Metallic, Jamie
 • Home Support Worker

Wysote, Tanya 
• Administrative Assistant

Restorative Justice Program

Metallic, Leah • Restorative Justice Program Support Worker

Listuguj Education Directorate


Lorna Sook 

• Director of Listuguj Education

Barnaby, Joyce
 • Custodian

Issac, Lita • 
Community Culture Instructor

Martin, Beverly 

• Executive Assistant

Mitchell, Theresa • Post Secondary Manager

Ritchie, Charlene • 
Administrative Assistant

Vicaire, Janice
 • Curriculum Developer

Vicaire, Pierre
 • Education Service Manager, Harmony Project

Wilmot, Jennifer • Receptionist

Wilmot, Joe • 
Mi’gmaq Language and Culture Coordinator

Reinvestment Strategy

Bobbi Mahdahbee
Reinvestment Strategy Manager

Alcon, Lloyd • Transition/Attendance Coordinator

Dedam, Crystal • 
Listuguj Alternative Learning Center Teacher

Dedam, Tiffany • 
SSHS Education Assistant

Firth, Sarah
 • Listuguj Alternative Learning Center Education Assistant

Gideon, Tylor
 • Listuguj Alternative Learning Center Coordinator

Gray, Darcy • 
Native Guidance Counselor

Isaac, Tammy • 
Attendance Intervener

Metallic, Reagan
 • CLC Education Assistant

Metallic, Shauna • CMS Education Assistant

Vicaire, Joanne •SSHS Language Teacher

Wysote, Gwen
SSHS Education Assistant

Listuguj Mi’gmaq Development Center

Barnaby, Alexandra • First Nations Job Fund Employment & Support counsellor

Barnaby, Ashley • Communications & Information Technician

Caplin, Christie • Administive Supervisor

Caplin, David Jr, • Custodian

Dedam-Montour, Debbie • Anti-Racism Coordinator

Drapeau, Melissa • Post Secondary Research Worker

Henry, Jeanette • Administive Clerk

Isaac, Myrna • Career and Employment Councillor

Isaac, Scott • Anti-Racism Activities Coordinator

LaBillois, Cheryl•  Enhances Services Delivery Assessment Councillor

LaBillois-Metallic, Jennifer • Associate Director

Larocque, G Marie • Receptionist

Metallic, Casey • Post Secondary Career & Support Counsellor

Nason, Dianna • Career and Employment Councillor

Alaqsite’w Gitpu School


Jeff Grass, M.Ed. • Principal

Fizpatrick-Leblanc, Connie
 • Speech and Language Assistant

Isaac-Dedam, Tina • Receptionist

Moffat, Alice • 
Administrative Office Manager

Vicaire, Louise • 
/ Teacher

Wysote, Chris • Cultural Support Worker

Teaching and Support Staff

Arsenault, Carole
 • Teacher

Barnaby, Carol • Education Assistant

Barnaby, Tammy • 

Basque, Anita •
 Student Services Coordinator

Basque, Dawn • Special Education Assistant

Caplin, Darla • Classroom Assistant

Condo, Karla • Education Assistant

Cyr, Cara • Methods and Resource

Daye, Micheline • Literacy Mentor

Doucette, Micheline • Teacher

Doucette, Paul • 
Teacher PE

Ferguson, Bill • Teacher

Germain, Brenda • Teacher

Germain, Joyce • Teacher

Gray, Claudia • Teacher

Gray, Joanna • Teacher

Isaac, Denise • Classroom Assistant

Isaac, Jean • Teacher

Isaac-Metallic, Susie
 • Special Education Assistant

Mallaley, Patsy • Teacher

Maloney, Terrence • 
School Psychologist

Marchand, Naomi • Teacher

Martin, Dolores • Library Clerk/Nursery/ELA

Martin, Vanessa • 
Education Assistant (On Leave)

Martin-White, Thelma • Mi’gmaq Language

McRae, Justin • Teacher

Metallic-Bolton, Mabel • Teacher

Metallic-Ward, Nicole • Teacher

Mitchell, Audrey • Cultural Assistant

Moffat, Lise • Methods and Resource Teacher (On Leave)

O’Brien, Jack • 

Math Mentor

Parker, Ryan • Teacher

Pelletier, Carole • Teacher

Smith, Anna • Teacher

Vicaire, Irene
Special Education Teacher

Vicaire-Moffat, Lillian • Mi’gmaq teacher

Wilmot, Audrey • 
Education Assistant

Wysote, Renee • 
Tech Support

Wysote, Shera • Special Education Assistant

Cafeteria and Custodial

Barnaby-Martin, Elizabeth • Head Cook

Barnaby, Travis • Bus Driver/Custodian

Caplin, Dave • 
Maintenance Supervisor

Jacques, Tilda •
Kitchen Helper

Joseph, Sarah • Custodian

Martin-Englehart, Clara • Assistant Cook

Ritchie, Bernadine • Custodian

Natural Resources


Metallic, Delphine • Director of Fisheries

Bernard, Meredith
 • Administrative Assistant

Dedam, Kirt • Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy Coordinator

Metallic, Christopher
• Commercial Fisheries Coordinator

Ritchie, Allen
• Manager of Aquaculture/Component 4


 Director of Natural Resources

Barnaby, Donna • Forestry Coordinator

Cummings, Martin • Forestry Engineer

Marchand, John
• Forestry Technician

Seasonal Workers 

Arsenault, George • Brush cutting Foreman

Barnaby, Christian • Loggers Foreman

Public Security


Metallic, Melissa • Assistant Director of Public Security

Listuguj Police Department

Henry Vicaire* • Chief of Police

Arsenault, Peter • Interim Chief of Police

Martin, Harvey • Assistant Chief of Police

Barnaby, Sharon • Sergeant

Bernard, Stephanie • Constable

Brisk, Richard • Dog Control

Condo, Karine • Sergeant

Dussault, Alexander • Constable

Lefebvre, Jimmy • Constable

Martin, George • Crime Prevention/Public Relations

Metallic, Trapper • Detective

Metallic, Alexandria* • Constable

Mitchell, Jacob • Constable

Renouf, Jacob • Constable

Swanson, Eric • Detective

Wysote, Lyle* • Detective

Listuguj Fire Department

Caplin, Gary • Fire Chief

Barnaby, Herbert • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Barnaby, Winston • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Brisk, Paul • Assistant Fire Chief

Brisk, Richard • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Gedeon, Chad • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Condo, Forrest • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Condo, Ricky • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Dedam, Collin • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Gray, Ira • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Isaac, Albert • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Martin, Brennie • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Metallic, John • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Metallic, Trapper • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Metallic, Roddy • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Methot, Keven • Volunteer Fire Fighter

Listuguj Rangers

Peter Metallic • Head Ranger


Barnaby, Phillip• Assistant Supervisor

Condo, Forrest • Supervisor

Isaac, Lynn • Supervisor

Wysote, Pernell• Supervisor

Sorbey, Caroline• Administrative Assistant

Arsenault, Don Leo • Ranger

Barnaby, Donald • Ranger

Brisk, Paul • Ranger

Caplin, Brian• Ranger

Condo, Sweeny • Ranger

Dedam, Collin • Ranger

Gedeon, Carl • Ranger

Germain, Curt • Ranger

Isaac, Barry • Ranger

Isaac, Gordon • Ranger

Isaac, Lyle • Ranger

Isaac, Ralph • Ranger

Isaac, Sherman • Ranger

Isaac, Vera • Ranger

Latter, Robert• Ranger

Martin, Kelly• Ranger

Martin Jr., Scott • Ranger

Metallic, Chris • Ranger

Metallic, Duke • Ranger

Metallic, Lammie• Ranger

Metallic, Ronald• Ranger

Metallic, Tashina • Ranger

Methot, Dion• Ranger

Miller, Autumn• Ranger

Ritchie, Jim• Ranger

Sorbey, Clinton• Ranger

Swasson, Ralph• Ranger

Vicaire, Kela• Ranger


Barnaby, Brenda

Metallic, Arlene

Metallic, Charlene

Vicaire, Marilyn


Barnaby, Robert •  Head Supervisor

Condo, Dayle • Riparian

Isaac, Drew • Riparian

Swasson, Floyd • Riparian