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Updating our Membership Database

“Attention all Listuguj members: The LMG  needs your address. Please contact Tina Barnaby Via e-mail at tinabarnaby@listuguj.ca  with your information so we can send you any information that is relevant to community members.”


E-mail Tina Barnaby at  tinabarnaby@listuguj.ca and provide her with your:

  • First and last name;
  • Birth date;
  • Band number;
  • Home address, city, postal/zip code and country.



Chief Scott Martin

Chief Scott Martin

A vibrant Mi’gmaq community, Listuguj is located in the southwestern part of the Gaspé Peninsula (Québec).  The Appalachian Mountains surround us, and the Restigouche River runs along the southern border of our community.  The province of New Brunswick is just across the river.

Listuguj has a population of approximately 3,989 – there are about 2,093 Mi’gmaq people living in the community and 1,896 of our members live off reserve.  Just over half of the population is under the age of thirty.  In our community we speak Mi’gmaq, English and French; most of the fluent Mi’gmaq language speakers are over the age fifty.

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